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" Once you start working on something, Don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest."


Today is the era of winners where there are no losers. That means, today’s organization has to create values for all stake holders, enrich lives and nature in order to achieve harmonious growth and to accomplish this task, true leaders are required to lead and sustain winning organizations. I keeping with its tradition will match your expectations in terms of classroom as well as beyond classroom learning curve. The manager’s job is not to see the company as it is rather as it could be, so that value addition is done to all stake holders. Welcome future leaders! ‘ Unique Institute Of Management and Technology’ beckons you to step in, spend your precious duration of course in the hub of learning and step out to lead organizations, nation and world

The main objective of a successful manager is to re-invent wheel constantly so that impact on value system is positive. The hectic pace at Unique Institute Of Management and Technology (UIMT) will increase your speed, soar your dreams, and equip you with wings of imaginations to achieve what you desire. The bar is raised higher every day because expectations are high from our students. Besides, stimulating academics, we do have fun and we make sure that smiles remain with you always.

So, while you take your first step towards us, rest assured, we have taken steps to transform you.

I welcome all my students Of BBA,BCA,MBA,MCA,Bed, BTC,UIPSand UPS

God bless you .

Dr. M. Wasi Baig